Grass-fed vs Grain-fed


100% grass-fed, our beef and lamb is as natural as it gets and without question better for you. The result is guaranteed good eating.

Succulent beef and the finest pasture fed lamb in the world.

Quality is everything to us at Taylored Foods. We believe that pasture or grass-fed beef and lamb means a superior cut of meat and ultimately better taste on the table. All Taylor Preston livestock roam free and eat grass as their primary source of food. What these animals eat makes a big difference to the nutritional composition of their meat. Minimally processed, all the meat we prepare and use is free of added growth hormones, antibiotics and artificial ingredients. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Because it’s the only way to guarantee the quality and taste that we strive for.

Grass-fed beef and lamb is better for everyone.

Simply put, beef and sheep are designed to eat grass, not grain and other artificially modified food. Grass is what’s best for them. And it’s without question, better for us to eat meat from animals naturally reared on grass.

When animals are 100% grass-fed, their meat is not only lower in saturated fats but also higher in omega-3 fatty acids, which studies show may help to prevent heart disease and boost the immune system. Aside from the health benefits, we believe grass-fed meat is better for the environment, the farmers, the animal and the consumer. And that’s better for everyone.