Find out more about your favourite Taylored Foods products

Yes, Taylored Foods is 100% NZ owned by the pioneering Taylor, Preston and Grace families. The Taylor and Grace families have been working the land, farming in New Zealand for almost two centuries. Our family business is founded on a shared respect for the heritage and traditions of the past and a keen interest in modern, innovative techniques.

Our New Zealand raised grass-fed products travel by sea and air, fresh or frozen to countries including France, USA, Switzerland, Japan, and Australia. We’re also in the process of developing new products for Germany, Scandinavia and the Middle East.

Taylored Foods products can be purchased in bulk by contacting a member of our sales team. For sales and supply enquiries please email info@tayloredfoods.co.nz or call Chris Pyke on +64 21 800 869

Our ingredients are locally sourced from New Zealand suppliers.
We work with top New Zealand chefs to develop the mouth-watering flavors of our cafe-style burgers and lamb shanks. Our small goods and raw products are typically bespoke orders lead by our  customers. State of the art technology and rigorous food and safety standards means we can offer our customers the very best in red meat products specified to their exact needs. Talk to our sales team about creating a bespoke product customised to your unique requirements today.

Taylored Foods make to order red meat products for restaurant franchises, retail and the food industry. We offer state of the art technology to cut and cook bespoke red meat products for our customers. Taylored Foods is currently sous vide cooking beef and lamb items, we have portion control cutting abilities along with quick frozen IQF technology, mincing, burger forming and thermoform packing equipment.